RCMP Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) units from two provinces worked together to bring down an alleged child porn distributor.

Const. Rosiane Racine of B.C.’s ICE unit said officers from Kelowna RCMP and B.C. ICE raided a house in Kelowna on July 2 and arrested a man on a number of charges, including possession of child pornography.

She said that a child who was at risk of abuse was identified in the investigation as well.

“That child is known by us to be safe,” Racine said.

Racine can’t divulge much information about the girl, who is under the age of 10.

She said information from Saskatchewan’s ICE unit aided the investigation greatly.

“Based on some of the information that Saskatchewan ICE received, there was a strong suspicion that a child might be at risk, being abused,” Racine said.

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