Iceland’s Reyka Vodka, $34.95, available at most LCBO stores.


Reyka Vodka

Price: $34.95/750 ml

Where to get it: Available at most LCBO stores

Try/buy again: Yes

**** (out of 5)


Strip away all the fancy marketing and Iceland’s Reyka Vodka is just your basic vodka. Yes, drinking glacial waters that have been filtered through a “4,000-year-old lava field in the Grábrók Spring” sounds cool, but does it really matter when you’re just craving a screwdriver?

That said, Iceland’s Reyka Vodka does exude a smooth and light flavour with probably a little more spice than your average vodka — but overall a tasty and seemingly versatile vodka.

My only qualm is this product’s price — about $10 more than most mid-range vodkas. But of course, it’s not considered an average vodka; it’s referred to as boutique vodka — with only the heart used in the final product.

Do I think it’s worth more than say a bottle of Absolut?

Not really. But I guess that’s the cost of drinking something that’s touched the steam of Iceland’s natural geothermic energy!