Just in time for the drive home, the HRM was hit with freezing rain and snow Wednesday night.

Rush-hour traffic was moving at a snail’s pace on some roads, if it was moving at all.

And calling a cab company meant constant busy signals.


But surprisingly, the accidents around town were few.

Sgt. Don Moser with the Halifax Regional Police said at around 7 p.m. that there were no accidents the police were actively involved in.

“I drove into work at about 5 p.m. and traffic was backed up and the roads were slippery,” he said.

Environment Canada blanketed most of the Maritimes in freezing rain warnings yesterday afternoon. An intense low-pressure system pushed a warm front over Nova Scotia, creating a mess of snow, freezing rain, and ice pellets.

It was expected to change to regular rain last night as the winds came in.

“There are some vehicles that have slid off the road. I don’t have a count on them yet,” said provincial RCMP spokesman Sgt. Mark Gallagher a few hours after the storm struck.

“It’s very slippery and treacherous, but nothing serious has been reported to me yet.”

Out at the airport, many of the flights in or out were either cancelled or delayed.

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