More than 50,000 students in the HRM had their third snow day of the winter Thursday — and it’s only January.

The decision to close all the schools under the Halifax Regional School Board was made before 6 a.m. because of slick road and sidewalk conditions.

Doug Hadley, a spokesman for the board, said so far this winter schools have been closed for three-and-a-half days, with more closures for schools on the Eastern Shore.

“We typically have anywhere from two to three school cancellations in a year, and the teachers are very adept at making up for the lost time,” Hadley said. “At the high school level, it was the final day of exams, so they’ll make those up (Friday).”

Considering schools were closed six times last year, three and a half lost days so far year isn’t “out of whack,” he said.

“In fact it’s a lot less for our board compared to other boards around the province.”

There were very few calls and concerns from parents.

“We know a school closure for the day causes parents to juggle their schedules, but most parents try to put those plans in place in advance early in the school year.”