Drivers caught idling their vehicles longer than three minutes can expect a fine of $250 under a new bylaw proposed by city council.

In a city report released Thursday, drivers can also face fines for idling a vehicle for three minutes in total in a 30-minute period.

And if motorists are found to be repeat offenders, they could face higher fines of up to $10,000 by the courts under the Municipal Government Act.

The report says bylaw officers will also depend on citizens to snitch on drivers who idle for long periods in order for the officers to make a charge.

“No physical inspection will be undertaken, only verification of information provided through a witness statement,” read the report. “The complainant will be required to attend court if the matter is contested.”

Motorists are allowed to let their vehicles idle for longer than three minutes in frigid weather like what’s been seen in Edmonton in recent weeks, but no limits have been set on how long it can be left running when temperatures are colder than -10’C.

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