This singing competition is all about finding the best vocalists and weeding out the mediocre singers.

With three weeks to go you would expect these Idols to hit the stage with performances of a lifetime instead of hokey karaoke tunes. Especially with the Neil Diamond songbook in their hands, which offers them a great variety to choose from.

During last night’s episode of American Idol, each of the remaining five contestants sang two songs.

Unfortunately for Jason Castro, who seems to be relying on his looks to get by, the road may soon be over. It’s not to be rude, but his take on Forever In Blue Jeans and September Morning were forgettable. It’s always the same shtick — everything he sings sounds the same.

Some parts worked for him but others didn’t. At moments it seemed like he was enjoying himself, and other times he just seemed uncomfortable.

Brilliant is the only way to explain David Cook’s performances each week. He takes songs like I’m Alive and All I Really Needed and makes them his own. On the latter of the two, he changed the arrangement to suit his style and today’s sound, pulling it off perfectly.

It seems like the train ride is coming to an end for Brooke White, who completely crashed and burned during her take of I’m A Believer. She wasn’t singing to win. White was lucky she delivered I Am … I Said, a big improvement from the first song. She was definitely in her element sitting behind the piano.

Little David Archuleta knows how to work the songs to his advantage. Sweet Caroline demonstrated the power in his voice, while American pulled at the heartstrings of the viewers. It was a very smart choice of song, especially going the patriotic route.

As for Syesha Mercado, she’s proven how incredibly well she can sing. She was captivating in her flawless performance of Hello Again and Thank The Lord For The Night Time.

She’s never stood out, but the whittling down of everyone else is really allowing her to shine, and showing how much of a true diamond she really is.

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