If you’ve ever dressed your pomeranian as a pumpkin for Halloween, you know the look. Part discomfort, part annoyance, part humiliation: It is, ultimately, a suicidal pet.


As the moderator of PetsWhoWantToKillThemselves.com, Duncan Birmingham has become something of an expert on these unhappy creatures, but he insists it’s more funny than sad. “I call them ‘over-loved’; that’s the term I like to use,” he explains of the creatures on his site, most of which are submitted by proud owners. “It’s really difficult to take these photos — the people who send them in are talented.”


From dogs in cowboy outfits to cat weddings to one pretty elaborate Michael Phelps get-up, some of the best are featured in the new book version of the blog. But even now, the kitty costumes remain a bit of a mystery to Birmingham. “Dressing dogs is a hobby, but dressing cats is an art form. When I get a picture of cats wearing Santa suits, I don’t understand how people get them in these positions,” he muses. “The cats always have a very dry, sardonic expression — they’re over it.”