Remember when Mike Flynn said 'immunity ... means that you have probably committed a crime?'

Former national security adviser Mike Flynn is reportedly looking to cut a deal for immunity in exchange for his information on the Trump camp's ties to Russia.
If Mike Flynn talks to the FBI, is Donald Trump and his presidency in trouble?Reuters

Then-candidate Donald Trump and Mike Flynn used to leadchants of “Lock her up,” telling potential voters that a presidential candidate under FBI investigation would be very bad.


Now, President Trump seems to have found himself in the very pickle jar he accused Hillary Clinton of sitting in.


Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser,told the FBI that he is willing to be interviewed about the Trump campaign’s possibleties to Russia in exchange for immunityfrom prosecution, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.


On Friday, Trump urged Flynn, who resigned after 24 days in his security adviser role, to escape the “witch hunt” by cutting a deal.


But there was a time when Trump believed FBI immunity meant something very serious: undeniable guilt.

At a rally in September, Trump said: “The reason they get immunity is because they did something wrong. If they didn't do anything wrong, they don't think in terms of immunity. Five people. Folks, I'm telling you: Nobody's seen anything like this in our country's history.”

"If you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for, right?” he asked at a separate rally that month.

Even Flynn told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that immunity was not a good look for a politician.

“When you are given immunity, that means that you have probably committed a crime,” Flynn said at the time.

The Trump campaign was in a frenzy over a potential FBI investigation into Clinton's emails.

On Sept. 8,Sean Spicertweeted: “Get ur popcorn: @hillaryClinton aide who set up email serveris pressed to accept immunity.”

Kellyanne Conway retweeted Fox News, adding, “Most honest people I know arenot under FBI investigation, let alone two.”

And from another Trump adviser:

Now, Trump’s administration is under the FBI’s microscope and it looks like the scenario he warned America about if Clinton had won.

In November, Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire that a president under federal investigation wouldn't be able to accomplish anything for the American people.

Clinton, he said then, "is likely to be under investigation for a long time, concluding in a criminal trial — our president. America deserves a government that can go to work on Day One and get it done.”

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