Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff yesterday criticized a new series of negative Conservative TV ads against him as “personal, lowball attacks.”

The Conservatives unveiled the TV ads yesterday into the political fever of a potential spring election. “Ignatieff and his reckless coalition,” says one ad, claiming the Liberal leader supported a coalition with the NDP and Bloc Québécois once — and will do it again.

After appearing at Harbord Collegiate Institute, Ignatieff denied he supports a coalition against the government, and said Canadians should think about what the Conservatives aren’t saying in the ads. (Liberal support for a coalition to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper predated Ignatieff as leader.)

“They’re not attacking our family care plan (or) our early learning and child-care plan,” he said.

While Ignatieff groused about his ill treatment, Jack Layton’s New Democrats proudly brandished theirs like a schoolyard shiner.

“These negative ads show that we’re making Stephen Harper nervous,” national director Brad Lavigne said in an internal fundraising pitch to NDP followers yesterday.

Earlier, during a lively question-and-answer period at the Toronto school, Ignatieff focused on Liberal positions on social justice, including a fairer deal for aboriginal Canadians, as well as environmental sustainability and family programs.