Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff promised yesterday to make the largest investment in clean power in the country’s history.

Speaking at a Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon, Ignatieff offered a sketch of what he called the “heart of our next platform.”

“Energy efficiency and clean power helps our economy to be more productive,” said Ignatieff.

“It makes us more efficient and gives us something to sell ... this is not marginal to an economic strategy, this is a key piece of it for us.”

Ignatieff’s plan calls for investment in clean energy research and development; building “smart grid” infrastructure and helping families become more energy-efficient. It also involves having the federal government set an example as the country’s largest employer and landlord.

He did not offer a cost, but said a costed plan would be included in the party’s election platform.

Andrew Saxton, Conservative MP for North Vancouver, said the plan was proof that Liberals are out of touch with Canadians, whose priorities, he added, are crime and the economy.

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