Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff might have just won his party a few more votes in Calgary if the students at Western Canada High School have their say.

The personable leader of the Liberal Party of Canada was at the southwest high school yesterday and had students asking educated questions, cheering and laughing by the time he was done.

School council executive Conrad Behrman was excited at the opportunity for his school community to pose questions and listen to the leader.

“I think it’s important for our generation to get involved in political discussion and we have a lot to say,” Behrman said of Ignatieff’s visit.

For his part, Ignatieff faced many “tough” questions as he joked with the students.

“I thought this was going to be an easy afternoon,” he joked.

Ignatieff also had strong advice for the students in attendance.

“I’m here to say, just vote, not necessarily for me, but for your country. Do not become a member of the apathy party. It’s your country,” he told a packed room.

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