CALGARY — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says Conservative attack ads that suggest Bloc Quebecois members are soft on pedophiles are unworthy of Canadian politics.

Ignatieff came after Harper with his rhetorical guns blazing today in a stump-style speech at a Stampede breakfast in Calgary.

He says the ads, which blast the Bloc for voting against a law that would impose minimum sentences in child trafficking cases, further divide the country.


Ignatieff tells a crowd of several hundred Alberta Liberals that he’s taking aim at the Tory government’s energy policies and efforts to deal with the global recession.

But he says he won’t stoop to personal attacks like the Tories, who have launched attack ads that blame Ignatieff for spending much of his adult life outside the country.

He says while the Liberals will continue to fight for both Tory and Bloc seats, they will do it with debate on public policy decisions, not low-blow tactics.

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