Immigrants can boost workforce



Re: “Boomers needed,” Jan. 24:


It’s shocking and outrageous to hear Human Resources Minister Monte Solberg saying Canada faces a labour shortage and asking for people not to retire.


There are hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants unemployed, finding all kinds of barriers and closed doors when asking for a job, despite holding university diplomas.


The minister seems to live in a distant world, without having a clue of the drama immigrants face every day.

Lured to Canada with the promise of a brighter future (and being accepted) after a careful review of their education and work history, the newcomers can’t find a job at all, or — the best they can do — use their Ph.Ds working as cleaners, taxi drivers and pizza delivery workers.

Solberg must wake up ASAP to this cruel reality.

Let seniors have their fair retirement.

There are more than enough people to replace them, people who are eager for a job.

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