Re: “Boomers needed,” Jan. 24:


This is a slap in the face of immigrants. Not only that they’ve been overlooked, but it sounds like the government is content for the immigrants to be doing the society’s dirty work.


The entire immigration system is a big joke — having the immigrants’ educational and career background playing a big role for their chance to get here. We may be getting educated and/or skilled immigrants, but they are not getting the help from the government that they deserve.


There’s so much information around on how and what it takes to get here, but after that ... there really aren’t that many programs out there that can help new immigrants.


It’s such a farce that the government is fast in luring immigrants here, along with their money that they’re bringing to the country, but are afraid that they will take away the jobs of Canadians in the process.

The government is content for an immigrant doctor to be driving a cab or cleaning a toilet bowl than that doctor having a chance help our health-care system.

Give immigrants a chance.