The toughest thing about “being” Britney Spears is learning her choreography.

Angello Floresco, 31, has impersonated Britney more than a dozen times. He’s performing tonight at Celebrities Night Club at an after-party when the real Britney ends her show at GM Place.

“Her choreography is intense,” he said. “It’s physically demanding. Much more than Madonna’s.”

Floresco, who has also impersonated the Material Girl since 2000, said the two are very different. “Madonna’s choreography is a lot simpler and she’s more masculine,” Floresco said. “Britney is more girly, she’s like a little innocent sex kitten.”

To prepare for tonight’s show, Floresco has been rehearsing three times per week, up to two hours each session, for the past month.

“I watch a lot of videos of her performances. I watch how she moves her hips, her hand gestures, her hair flings, and then I piece together the choreography.”

Yesterday, Floresco made sure the honey-blond wig and circus outfit by Vancouver designer Jason Matlo were “just right” and got a spray tan.

“She’s known for her deep, dark tans. I have the skin tone of liquid paper,” he said.

The best thing about “being” Britney, Floresco said, is embracing her fun personality.

“That’s why people gravitate to her.”

Brit’s best/worst

• Best Britney moment: Her return to the spotlight. People thought she was going to commit suicide.

• Worst Britney moment: The whole era between the In the Zone and Blackout albums. She was exhausted.

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