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In anti-LGBT tirade, 'pastor' Steven Anderson prays for Caitlyn Jenner's death

Vitriol from Arizona 'man of God' exposes hatred trans people face daily.

Right there, in a strip mall church in Tempe, Arizona, is all the evidence you need of the depths of hatred and threat of violence transgender Americans face in their fight against discrimination and for understanding and acceptance.


Meet, or rather, don't meet Steven Anderson, who calls himself a pastor and founded the – get this – Faithful Word Baptist Church.

"Our President Obama is praising him, or praising her. We don’t even know what it is," he says.

"This filthy pervert is on all these magazine covers and just everywhere being crammed down our throats. Hundreds of millions of people are being subjected to looking at a trans freak."

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Anderson's putrid sermon was delivered the week before and contains sickening words that we wouldn't bring to you if not for the need to expose the hatred.

He continues: "I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell!"


"I hate him with a perfect hatred. I have no love, no love for this Bruce freak.

Squeezing his hand tight, he declares: "I hope God touches his heart like this."

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"That’s how I want him to touch his heart. I pray that his heart would explode right now!"

Anderson has made headlines before, like the time he called for the mass death of all gay people last December so there would be an "AIDS-free Christmas."

Other ministers in Arizona have lashed out at Anderson for claiming to be a man of God.

"I do not view him as a pastor," Jeffrey Dirrim of Rebel & Divine United Church of Christ in Phoenix has said. "That's not what he's doing."

The Southern Poverty Law Center has linked Anderson to so-called Patriot groups and militias.

He has also prayed for President Barack Obama's death.

John A. Oswald is editor-at-large of Metro.us. Tweet him @nyc_oz.

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