The last-generation Dodge Ram was on sale from model years 2002 to 2008 inclusive, and offered a punch in terms of both styling and performance that few trucks in recent memory can match.

Among other things, the last-generation Ram helped cement the brand’s reputation for building America’s “sporty” pickup. Where styling, power and muscle count, pickup shoppers tend to gravitate towards the Ram in a serious way.

Shopping used? Look for various body styles and six or eight-cylinder power. 2002 models got a 3.7 litre V6 as standard, with 215 horsepower.

The models’ V8 engines consisted of a 4.7 litre or 5.9 litre unit early on, with 240 or 245 horsepower, respectively.

The legendary HEMI V8 hit the scene for 2003, offering up 345 horsepower. Cylinder deactivation was added to the HEMI V8 for 2006 to help keep fuel bills reasonable.

Shoppers will find a manual transmission with five or six-speeds, or an automatic with four or five. Rear or four-wheel drive models were available, too, utilizing either electric or manual transfer-cases, depending on the model.

Dodge Ram’s features included a rear-seat entertainment console, heated leather seats, remote access, cruise control and plenty more.

What Owners Like
For most Ram owners, power, sound effects, looks and muscle were the main attractions to the truck. Competitive pricing and overall value helped seal the deal in most cases.

What Owners Hate
Standard gas-mileage complaints come first and foremost on the list of Ram-owner related gripes. Some drivers have reported a rough ride on certain road surfaces, as well as poor outward visibility.

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