All things cute and cuddly were on display at the Agricultural Museum this weekend for the first day of spring.


Despite the windy weather, families took the opportunity to enjoy a taste farm life in the heart of the city. While the lineups near the mock tractor lines were lengthy, the newborn lambs were a favorite amongst visitors.


People also had the opportunity to check out Taking Care of Beesness, the museum's latest bee-themed exhibition.


The museum will officially kick-off spring Easter weekend with displays of newborn baby lambs, rabbits and chicks.


Jelena Bogojevic introduces her daughter Vanja to a newborn calf. Eager to suckle, the calves will lick anything that comes to close. Vanja is smart to keep her distance.

There is nothing gruff about this billy goat, who loves chin scratches. Visitors were helpless to resist his inviting smile.

Goody, the giant bull is an attention grabber at the farm. His sheer size makes him the biggest attraction there.

Miles Bowker discovers his love for diesel engines during a visit the museum’s tractor exhibit. His mother keeps a watchful eye as he bounces back and forth on the mock tractor.

Nothing says spring like newborn baby animals. Taking a break from frolicking, a baby lamb looks to his mother for a meal.