Brave cheese enthusiasts took to the slopes of Whistler on Sunday, equipped with helmets ironically branded with brains, all in hot pursuit of an 11-pound wheel of cheese.



And they're off! Not only does the lucky winner get to keep the cheese, they're also rewarded with two season passes to Whistler/Blackcomb. (Kristen Thompson/Metro Vancouver)


What's an afternoon of chasing a wheel of cheese down the slope of a world-class ski resort without a nasty tumble or two? A failure, of course. Luckily, these entrants have us covered. (Kristen Thompson/Metro Vancouver)

As does this unlucky lady. (Kristen Thompson/Metro Vancouver)

What's more fun than chasing cheese down a mountain? Laughing at your lesser competitors as they suffer a massive wipeout. That's what. (Kristen Thompson/Metro Vancouver)

And now the dark side of cheese rolling. A competitor gets a little first aid after rolling her ankle. (Kristen Thompson/Metro Vancouver)

A look back at the early stages of the event, before the herd was thinned by tumbles and falls. (Kristen Thompson/Metro Vancouver)

In a perfect world, the runner in the duck costume would have went home with eleven pounds of cheese and two season passes. (Kiera Dimoff/For Metro Vancouver)