Canada Day is a time for Canadians to celebrate their country and patriotism, but it is also a time for those who aren’t Canadian to see how great it is to be part of this country.

Two families attending Canada Day celebrations were showing their non-Canadian relatives just what it means it is to be part of the true north strong and free.

“I’m from New Zealand and I am going to be becoming a Canadian citizen in a couple of years, and it is important to me to become a Canadian citizen,” said Fred Dickinson, who attended the Prince’s Island Park celebrations with his wife, Julie, and son, Max.

Part of the holiday festivities at Prince’s Island Park included a swearing-in ceremony for Calgary’s newest Canadians, and Dickinson hopes to be a part of it when he gets his citizenship.

“It would be great to be able to celebrate becoming a Canadian citizen on Canada Day. I think it would start a great tradition for our family,” said Dickinson.

Another Calgary family was showing off their fine nation to a cousin from Germany.

“We’re here to show our cousin from Germany just how great it is to be Canadian,” said Patti Beaury.

“Canada is a great place, I like it a lot and Canada Day is a great idea,” said the cousin from abroad, Chrissy Kruger, who was celebrating her first Canada Day.

Kruger said she doesn’t get to celebrate anything like Canada Day in Germany.

Thousands of people showed up for Canada Day celebrations at Prince’s Island Park, Fort Calgary and Heritage Park.

According to organizers for the Prince’s Island celebration, 60,000 to 80,000 were expected to make their way down to the inner-city park.

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