Another sleep-watcher incident shook up several young university students yesterday.

The incident happened in Alisha Glogowski’s apartment building on Wellington Street in Halifax.

“It’s pretty crazy. I was shocked it happened so close to home,” she said, adding she didn’t know the women who were victimized.

After the incident, Glogowski and her roommates went through their apartment and locked all the windows and doors.

With swarmings and sleep-watchers, Anne, who didn’t want her last name published, said she doesn’t walk alone at night anymore.

Anne said she’s lived in Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver and felt safer in those cities than in Halifax.

“I’d rather walk through the east end of Vancouver than here,” she said.

“They’ll approach you here.”

She said she’s worried because the sleep-watcher incident on Sunday morning was one of many in the last few years.

“It happened close to my house and it freaked me out,” she said.

There were 15 incidents between September 2008 and September 2009 in the south end.

“It’s worrisome how frequent it is,” Anne said.

Before Sunday’s incident, the most recent was in June when woman living on Chestnut Street awoke to a man touching her.

The man entered through an unlocked door and escaped after the woman awoke.