Not getting enough sleep? A pay cut might be the answer, according to a new study.
Who Gets Any Sleep These Days? Sleep Patterns Of Canadians, released yesterday by Statistics Canada, found people who have a higher income, are married, have kids or commute long hours sleep less.
Someone who makes $60,000 or more per year sleeps 40 minutes less on average than those who make less. Married people sleep about 25 minutes less than single people, and those with children lose a further 17 minutes.
Men sleep for an average of eight hours and seven minutes, about 11 minutes less than women. People with long commutes sleep 22 minutes less than people with short commutes.
Olga Bespalaja, 25, blames her nightly six hours of sleep on the stress of commuting to work on the crowded SkyTrain and the demands of married life and motherhood.
“You come home and we make dinner, do homework and try to squeeze in quality time before (my son’s) bedtime,” she said, adding once he’s in bed it’s catch-up on chores or work. “You end up going to sleep at midnight.”
Being sleep-deprived takes its toll on social life, she said.
“Come the weekend all (I) want to do is sleep and hang out at home.”

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