For years, Indian women have been relying on the surgeon’s knife for that perfect body, that flawless face, and now, the men are muscling in.

India’s economic boom has spawned a new breed of male, middle-class professionals with the desire to look good and the money to make it happen.

“As little as two years ago, the ratio was 80 per cent women, 20 per cent men,” said Dr Manoj Kumar J. Manwani, senior consultant in cosmetic and plastic surgery at Criticare Hospital in Mumbai. “But now it’s almost 50-50.”

Manwani, who has been practising for more than 18 years, said most of his male clients already had a good body and worked out regularly, but they just wanted to look perfect.

“Now young men can afford memberships to gyms and swimming pools, or even go on beach holidays. There are more chances for them to expose their bodies,” he said.

“Even fashion has changed that way with tighter clothes. Well, they don’t want to be embarrassed when they take off their shirts so they turn to surgery.”

In the past, face lifts and nose jobs were the most common cosmetic surgeries for men, but now increasingly the most sought-after treatments are removal of abnormally large breasts and abdominal liposuction and reshaping.

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