In-Flight Safety chocks success up to record release



Indie group In-Flight Safety has been nominated for four East Coast Music Awards.


"When we released a record, all this started to snowball, things have been increasingly busier and exciting."

John Mullane offers a blunt assessment of why In-Flight Safety, his Halifax-based indie-pop quartet that has garnered an impressive four nominations for the East Coast Music Awards, suddenly took off this year.

"If you really want to get logical about it: We released a record," says Mullane, who sings lead vocals and plays guitar. "When we released a record, all this started to snowball, things have been increasingly busier and exciting."

In-Flight Safety released their first, full-length album The Coast Is Clear, in January. It’s a 10-song blend of friendly pop melodies backed by layers of atmospheric music.

In the 11 months since, their songs have received radio and video play across the country, they’ve toured across Canada and briefly in Europe, and their first single, Surround, was the melancholic song behind a North American ad campaign for Dell Computers.

Last month, they walked away from the Nova Scotia Music Awards with three prizes. Their ECMA nominations are for best video, alternative recording, group recording and they have been nominated for the rising star award.

Not bad, says Mullane, for a band that started in the small community of Sackville, N.B., population 5,300.

"One of things that we set out to do when we started the band is to try and convince ourselves that certain things were possible we didn’t think were possible," says Mullane.

For example, Mullane doesn’t have any illusions that providing the soundtrack to a TV ad will bring many fans to the band. But he says the experience was an eye-opener.

"A little band from Sackville can be the song for a North American major ad campaign — we didn’t think that was in our reach," he says.

"It sets the bar higher. Not to give a motivational speech, but it makes you realize that you can do a lot more than you ever thought."

With four ECMA nominations under their belts, Mullane and Goodsell expect things will only get better.

"It’s growing without us doing much, and the word is spreading," says Goodsell. "It’s taken on a life of its own."