Taking Back Sunday becomes louder on latest album


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The third CD from Taking Back Sunday, Louder Now, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200.


Life has been good to the boys of Taking Back Sunday since they shed their indie skin.


Their third album, Louder Now, debuted at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Top 200 charts in April 2006, followed by rounds on the late night talk-show circuit.

“We didn’t just want to become part of the machine, you know?” front man Adam Lazzara (and stuntman to some) says. “But everything so far has been going real good.”

There was relative notoriety before they inked a deal with Warner Bros., however, running around with Blink 182 as one of the main headliners on the Vans Warped Tour in 2004 (amid a number of lineup changes) and appearances on the soundtracks to the Spider-Man 2 and the Fantastic Four movies. So, why did they leave? Lazzara says they had a “misunderstanding” with their old stable, Victory Records.

“It’s nothing to get into,” Lazzara says. “We wanted the band to keep growing and we felt that we went as far as we could go with an indie label. There were no difficulties, just a misunderstanding.”

Taking Back Sunday’s TV spots have a Canadian connection as well. The band guest starred as themselves on Degrassi: The Next Generation on an episode titled after one of Louder Now’s tracks, What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost. As a longtime fan of the show, Lazzara thought that the Canadian brand name was initially out of his league.

“I was just a big fan of the show when I was living with my roommate,” the High Point, N.C. native says (The band itself is based out of Long Island, N.Y.). “I was watching and Kevin Smith was a guest and my roommate was like, ‘Hey man, Kevin Smith was a guest, maybe you could be a guest.’ And I said, ‘No way, Kevin Smith is a big director guy.’ So anyways, we get called up and next thing you know, we’re on Degrassi.

“They actually used to play the old series in my health class in middle school. My favourite character was Spike. I liked Joey too.”