Union rejects two proposals from city

The union representing Vancouver’s 2,400 striking indoor workers tendered a counter-offer of its own yesterday after it rejected two alternative proposals from the city.


CUPE 15’s counter essentially rolls over the current collective agreement, but incorporates a regional wage increase of 17.5 per cent over five years.


Paul Faoro, CUPE 15 president, also called for a return to the bargaining table, independently or with a third-party mediator.


He said the union was prepared to move forward and negotiate its own deal — with or without the city’s other two striking unions.

“We are prepared to take the lead on the bargaining and resolving this on our own,” Faoro said.

Tom Timm, a city spokesman, said the city’s bargaining committee would analyze the proposal and would contact the union when the review was complete.

However, he said it was too early to say whether the city would return to face-to-face bargaining.

“It is encouraging that CUPE 15 is no longer insisting that a settlement must be reached with all three CUPE locals at the same time,” said Timm.

On Thursday, the city offered its inside workers a choice between the two settlement agreements, both based on the deal that ended the CUPE strike in North Vancouver.

still a ways off

  • City spokesman doubts that an agreement can be ratified before Labour Day and said the strike will likely affect fall programming.