TORONTO - Canadian motor coach operators are looking to boost their appeal by highlighting the environmental advantages of bus travel.

A brochure issued by Motor Coach Canada and the Ontario Motor Coach Association points out that buses use significantly less fuel per passenger than cars.

“Let’s say that you drive (alone) from A to B and use 20 litres of fuel. A motor coach makes the same trip, with 56 people on board, and uses 280 litres of fuel. . . . Each person on board the motor coach has used only five litres of fuel.”

As well, “the ultra low-sulphur diesel fuel used exclusively on motor coaches burns cleaner than the regular unleaded,” resulting in fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Coaches are even more fuel efficient per passenger than hybrid cars, the brochure says.

Titled “Reduce your footprint, take a motor coach,” the brochure is one of the ways that the two transportation groups are promoting the motor coach and tour industry in Canada, said Dave Willis of Ayr Coach Lines in Waterloo, Ont.
“The entire industry will benefit from the increased awareness of motor coaches’ eco-friendly nature,” Willis said.
The brochure is available online at

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