The Rugby Canada Super League is no more.

The RCSL has disbanded after 11 seasons and leaves behind four regional divisions: Atlantic, Ontario, Prairie and British Columbia. The Nova Scotia Keltics will play in the Atlantic Division along with the New Brunswick Black Spruce, Newfoundland Rock and Quebec Caribou, all former RCSL entries.

Each division has a senior level and an under-20 level.


The Keltics will vie for the Atlantic Division title at each level, after which some of their players could be selected to participate in the Americas Cup rugby championship involving entries from Canada, the U.S. and Argentina.

“It was basically infighting between the unions and nobody could come to an agreement about costs,” said Keltics head coach Brian Krawetz, of the RCSL’s demise. “We’re going ahead to develop our under-20 program and really working on getting players identified to go to the Americas Cup and to get players identified for Rugby Canada national program.”

The Keltics’ regular season is scheduled to open June 6.