The Lansdowne Park partnership could be running up against a legal challenge.

Yesterday, John E. Martin, the founder of Vitally Ottawa — Absolument Ottawa delivered a notice of judicial review court to the city relating to its negotiations with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group.

A judge would be looking into the legality of the negotiations on Nov. 12, but Martin will be demanding an emergency injunction to halt the negotiations as early as Sept. 28.

“What we (are) asking for is a writ from the judge directing the city to not only cancel the sole source, but to immediately enact a request for proposals,” said Martin. “This is not adding a baseball diamond or putting in a new pitchers mound. We’re talking several hundred million dollars of taxpayer money.”

Martin insists that city council is violating its own procurement bylaws by entering into sole-source negotiations for a $250-million redevelopment at Lansdowne Park that would require half those funds coming from the city.

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