A convicted child pornographer was killed, and a lockdown is in place, after a riot broke out at a medium security prison in Agassiz.
Michael Andrew Gibbon, 39, was beaten to death Saturday night after inmates at Mountain Institution, north of Chilliwack, began breaking windows in the gym, threatening staff and attacking other inmates.
Dave Lefebvre with Corrections Canada said it’s uncertain how many inmates were involved, what caused the disturbance or whether Gibbon was targeted.
Sex offenders are usually kept separate from the general prison population.
“There were two inmates who were attacked,” Lefebvre said. “The second inmate has been transported to outside hospital.”
He would not disclose the man’s name, nor what he’s serving time for.
“The institution suffered some damages and will remain locked down to facilitate the cleanup and institutional search,” Lefebvre said.
Gibbon was arrested in 1997 for his involvement in what’s become known as the Bridal Falls Pornography Operation.
He was caught after a lengthy computer exchange with a buyer who turned out to be a U.S. Customs agent and charged with sexual assault and production of child pornography for the purpose of distribution.
Some of his victims were toddlers.
During a raid on his home, police seized 53 rolls of undeveloped film, three videocassette recorders, computer equipment, more than 400 videotapes, 15 CD-ROMs and 41 floppy disks.
IHIT is investigating his death and correctional Services of Canada and RCMP are investigating the riot.


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