Archbishop O’Leary High School and its community came out to support one of their own Thursday at the school’s annual Terry Fox Run.

This year’s race was personal for the students and staff at the high school because they were running for their principal.

Mary Lou Forest was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently mid-treatment. The school branded its event “Run for Forest, Run” to encourage support from the community and raise funds for cancer research and relief.

“It’s overwhelming. To have all of these students behind me; it means everything,” said Forest.

”I know it can’t do anything but a tremendous amount of good for me.”

2010 marks 30 years since Terry Fox began his 143-day run and passed the torch to the world when he was unable to finish.

Jessica Nosewicz has participated in the Terry Fox Run throughout junior high and elementary, but this year is different because of her principal.

“It means more,” said Nosewicz.