The designers have spoken: Alice is this season’s It Girl.

From haute couture, to delicate Swarovski pendants, and even her own OPI nail polish line, everyone is trying to get a piece of Ms. Wonderland before her new Disney-backed movie hits the big screen in March.

Banking on director Tim Burton’s reputation for visual genius, Disney asked a number of world-class designers to create original pieces based on the film’s bizarrely gothic, yet colourfully whimsical look.


And what a response they got. With names like Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Christopher Kane all gearing up to release their own Alice-inspired items next month, it’s clear that something about Alice has hit a chord amongst the creative set.

Hollywood fashion designer Sue Wong, who created more than 10 new dresses based on the film, claims it was her childhood love of Disney, coupled with an admiration for Burton’s cinematic style that led to her participation.

“There is always a fantasy element to (Burton’s) work, informed by a bit of dark, gothic humor, and his work is highly visual, often with a period twist,” says Wong. “As I do a lot of period adaptations in my design work, and the period for Alice is set in the Victorian era, it was not a stretch to incorporate Victorian elements and details.”

Wong’s collection, which features sexy, vampish looks inspired by the Red Queen alongside more girlish, innocent designs based on Alice’s character, range from US$329 to $609 and can be found on the designer’s website,

Not to be excluded from the tea party, luxury crystal brand Swarovski has also released a special Alice in Wonderland collection called “Underland.” The line’s colourful jewelry pieces are a departure from the company’s more simple, traditional fare.

Highlights include a pink flower garden pendant with a crystal drop ($105), a gold White Rabbit charm necklace ($160), and a Red Queen of Hearts ring ($120).

Diana Mazzuca, Swarovski’s public relations and communications manager, says the collection sets a precedent for the brand.

“We’ve always had a piece that has been featured in movies, like our iconic Nirvana pendant in Sex and the City, but this is the first time Swarovski has actually developed an entire collection around a film,” says Mazzuca.

Whether Burton has a critical and box office hit remains to be seen, but based on the caliber of creative talent his film has attracted, this Alice has undoubtedly become one of Disney’s most stylish muses.

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