Miserable men. Credit Instagram/@miserable_men Miserable men.
Credit Instagram/@miserable_men


Let's face it, many men out there loathe the idea of going shopping with their wives or girlfriends. If you take a look around any major retail store, you will find men sitting around in chairs waiting for their partners to return. Sometimes they are off to the side fiddling with their phone or reading a book, but most of time these guys are sitting somewhere looking bored, tired and depressed.


The Instagram page miserable_men features photos of men at shopping malls who look like they would rather be somewhere else.


The Instagram profile is submission-based and they encourage you to submit your photos of miserable men to miserablemenpics@gmail.com


To see all of these miserable fellows and get a good laugh, visit their Instagram page, miserable_men.

Cheer up, guys.