Here's 19-year-old María Julieta Leiva of Argentina.

Q- What do you believe are the biggest challenges for women and girls in your country?

A- I believe overcoming domestic violence against women is one of Argentina’s major challenges.

Women in my country are commonly affected by spousal abuse, and gender discrimination is, in my opinion, the root cause of this type of violence. In order to reduce this epidemic, educating and instilling values in both men and women is essential.

Q- What do you do to help the lives of girls and women in your community, your country?

A- I work with kids, both girls and boys, at schools and other establishments in my community.

I have been appointed coordinator of solidarity activities in a foundation … which organizes campaigns to gather books, school supplies, toys and basically any other thing that rural schools in Mendoza need to provide children a proper education.

Q- How do you think we can improve maternal health worldwide?

A- The geographical and economical availability of health-care institutions which offer women the proper prenatal, delivery and postnatal medical care is essential to improving maternal health. We need to allow pregnant women and new mothers access to more information and health education programs.

Q- How can we eradicate extreme poverty and hunger worldwide?

A- This is, in my opinion, the most ambitious Millennium Development Goal set by the UN, yet the most vital. I believe that promoting agriculture is a critical component to successfully meet the MDGs, especially to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. ... About 70 per cent of the MDGs’ target group live in rural areas, particularly in Asia and Africa, according to The World Bank. Those people rely on agriculture to meet their daily needs.

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