CARTAGENA, Colombia - Canada's International Co-operation Minister has concluded a visit to Colombia.

Beverley Oda was in Cartagena on Friday to meet with key partners and visited projects funded by the federal government aimed at protecting children and internally displaced people, a government release stated.

Oda met with children and mothers at a nutritional recovery centre in a poor urban neighbourhood now home to rural residents who've been displaced. The federal government contributed to the World Food Programme project, which is providing relief to an estimated 200,000 beneficiaries this year.

Minister Oda visited another Canada-funded project in the town of Turbaco, which provides care for children who were sexually exploited, the release said.

She also had discussions with Canadian and international NGOs on challenges they face and how to better co-ordinate development efforts.

It follows a visit by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the South American country in July 2007.

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