Now that the first day of summer is almost here (7:28 a.m. on Monday!), it’s time to look at some releases that could prove interesting.

Gord Downie

The Grand Bounce (Out now): Easily the best thing he’s done outside of the Tragically Hip. Unabashedly Canadian and summery, this is a CD that should be played around a lot of campfires this summer.


Total Life Forever (Out Now): Wondering about the song in the promo for season seven of Entourage? It’s Spanish Sahara from their second album.

Sleigh Bells

Treats (Out Now): An interesting combination of noise and pop that sold more than 21,000 albums through iTunes in just three weeks.

Stone Temple Pilots

S/T (Out Now): Loaded with hooks and that STP guitar crunch, this record was a real pleasant surprise. Maybe this second act is for real.

Two Door Cinema Club

Tourist History (Out now): Imagine a smoother sounding Franz Ferdinand and from Northern Ireland instead of Scotland. When I first heard the single I Can Talk, it stayed in my head for days.


The Five Ghosts (Tuesday): One of the prettiest records I’ve heard so far this year comes from this Montreal band and Broken Social Scene associates. Their pre-release cross-Canada club tour in May sold out immediately — which tells you something about the anticipation for this CD.


Acolyte (June 29): I’ve been raving about the smooth, dance-y indie-tronica from these Manchester guys for almost a year now. Songs like Doubt and Counterpoint deserve to be heard by as many people as possible.

Arcade Fire

The Suburbs (Aug. 3): Easily one of the most anticipated albums of the year, indie or major. Did I mention they’re playing Madison Square Garden this summer?


Asylum (August): The fifth album from this Chicago band has already been preceded by a single called Another Way to Die. Singer David Draiman: “No songs about puppy dogs or rainbows here.”


The Trouble with Angels (August): If the lead single The Inevitable Relapse is any indication Richard Patrick may have regained the mojo that he lost sometime in the late 90s.

Brandon Flowers

Flamingo (September): The Killers front dude — an incurable workaholic, apparently — has a solo album coming this fall while the rest of the band takes a break. Listen for a lead single called Crossfire.

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