In some manner or another, Tara Blue was dancing all day.

“Humans dance, that’s what we do,” Blue said. “We sing, we dance, we act, we do those things and it’s just nice to have a day to think about it, to focus on it.”

Many might not have known it, most of the smiling crowd huddled around the stage at the Devonian Gardens didn’t either, but yesterday was International Dance Day, a UNESCO initiated event that began 26 years ago to bring communities together in the commonality of dance.


“The more we embrace culture, the better a community we become,” said Blue, the artistic director of Blue Collar Dance Company. “We build tighter bonds together through dance.”

Five dancers for the free noon-hour show joined emcee Blue, who first started dancing when she took piano lessons as a youth and is still working on a technique to combine her two passions.

It was the fourth year they’ve put on a production for International Dance Day.

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