Air Canada found itself in the eye of a social media storm Thursday after breaking a terminally ill boy’s $15,000 wheelchair on a flight to New York City.

Tanner Bawn, 10, of Vancouver, has muscular dystrophy and is immobile without the electric wheelchair.

Air Canada originally told his family he may have to wait until Monday to get his chair back.

But by Thursday afternoon he was mobile, beaming and on his way to Toys “R” Us.

The boy’s aunt, Toronto-based blogger Catherine Connors, tweeted the good news update Thursday afternoon.

“Tanner has his chair back,” she said. “Thank you Internet. Heart explodes” Connors said the airline took the chair apart for shipping and couldn’t put it back together when they arrived in LaGuardia Airport in Queens, N.Y., on Wednesday.

The news spread rapidly after Tanner arrived in New York.

“The Internet sprung into action last night but Air Canada didn’t,” Connors said.

The family had to use scarves to strap Tanner into the temporary manual wheelchair the airline provided.