A Perfect Grave

Author Rick Mofina

Publisher Pinnacle Fiction

Price $9.99, TP

Deep dark secrets lead to the murder of a nun in Rick Mofina’s latest murder/mystery, A Perfect Grave.


Continuing with the central character, Seattle Mirror ace reporter Jason Wade, Mofina wastes little time ratcheting up the tension around Sister Anne’s imminent death. Right there is a grabber to raise the intrigue — what possible reason could there be to kill a nun? And then to a child kidnapping?

As is his custom, Mofina, thanks to his years as cop reporter at several top Canadian daily newspapers, educates readers with reality crime-solving techniques. The Ottawa-based writer finally reveals the horror, slowly creeping out in his past novels, that has plagued Jason’s father, an ex-cop, for many years.

Mofina provides plenty of good chills to keep you awake at night.

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