Online investing is easier than ever thanks to the changing face of online investors and the powerful tools put in their hands.

Jason Storsley, president and CEO of RBC Direct Investing, says the changes the online investing industry has gone through in a few short years have been staggering as the profile of the online investor has undergone a metamorphosis that defies stereotype.

“The profile of your average online investor has really changed over the last five years. It used to be mostly male investors just looking for the best stock prices. Now there is a much wider range of people looking to secure their financial futures online,” Storsley said.

The proof is in the numbers, which show a sharp rise in the number of new investors flocking online to sites like

“Our net new account growth is up more than 30 per cent. I think the key reason is that it’s never been easier to get started as an online investor. There’s a wide range of knowledge and wide range of experience at your fingertips. It’s a lot easier for investors now to come in and build a strong portfolio,” Storsley said.

The powerful tools offered by RBC Direct Investing have played a big part in the influx of new online investors, Storsley says, and RBC sees itself as an equal partner involved in every part of the investing relationship.

“We really see RBC Direct Investing as a partnership — we don’t leave investors on their own. We recognize that our role is to help investors build confidence in their portfolios to meet their financial goals,” Storsley said.

Independent research and performance index links on the RBC site arm investors with crucial knowledge to make strong investment choices while prepared investor profiles let you jump into an investment strategy fitted to your needs and goals, which have already been pre-screened by RBC experts.

Features like RBC Practice Accounts, which let you test the waters using fake money in a real context, take a lot of the guesswork out of the online investing process and get acclimatized to the act of investing.

RBC’s sophisticated asset mix calculator cuts through the confusion of creating a healthy, diversified portfolio by offering suggestions from trained experts on which investments to make, in what amounts, depending on your particular investor profile.

It’s all about putting the power of strong investing directly into the hands of online investors themselves by making direct investing easier to understand and take control of.

“We’ve done a lot around helping our clients improve their financial literacy and investment knowledge. Investors are looking for more than just low cost — they’re looking for tools and education so they can be confident that the decisions they’re making are the right ones,” Storsley said.

According to Storsley, RBC’s youngest registered online investor is 11 years old, proof that age or prior investment experience are no barriers to getting started with online investing.

“Because of the advancements in technology, we’re able to put very powerful tools in the hands of investors,” Storsley said. “For those looking to take control, it really has never been easier to become an online investor.”

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