The investigation into a Vancouver Grade 12 student who allegedly posted a 117-name hit list on his Facebook page will be comprehensive and lengthy, a senior police officer said yesterday.

Vancouver Insp. Scott Thompson said school liaison officers teamed with detectives to begin interviews with the 71 Templeton Secondary School students and staff on the hit list. The 46 other people on the list had no immediate relation to the school.

“That’s a lot of interviews to conduct,” said Thompson.

The 18-year-old student, who would have graduated this year, was arrested Friday evening after six concerned students contacted police about the list.

A search of his home yielded a shotgun and ammunition, as well as a knife, sword, machete and two collapsible batons.

He appeared briefly in court again yesterday morning and was remanded until Friday.

His lawyer, David Karp, said outside Vancouver provincial court that his client comes from a “traditional Chinese family,” and that the parents are very concerned for their son.

The student, who has been charged as an adult on seven firearm counts, has not been publicly named.

Police are worried that releasing his identity could jeopardize any additional charges that may have occurred when he was a minor.

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