Investors plow more cash into U.S.-based stock, bond funds: ICI

By Trevor Hunnicutt

By Trevor Hunnicutt


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investors funneled more cash into the markets during the latest week, delivering U.S.-based taxable-bond and international stock funds their 14th consecutive week of inflows, Investment Company Institute data showed on Wednesday.


Stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds netted $9.1 billion during the week ended March 8, the trade group's data showed, while bond funds attracted $6.9 billion.


Commodity funds, including those that buy safe-haven gold, posted $663 million in their largest week of withdrawals since December.


The buying spree this year marks a sharp departure from investors' hesitance through much of 2016, and it comes even as some money managers warn about richly valued U.S. stock and corporate bond markets.

Peter Heine, head of fixed income at Smith Graham & Co. Investment Advisors L.P., said he has been paring back risk in his investment portfolios.

"There's been insatiable demand for fixed income and for yield in this environment," said Heine.

"Equity valuations are at fairly stretched levels as well."

(Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt; Editing by Frances Kerry)