A formal letter sent to women ski jumpers from the International Olympic Committee has dashed the athletes’ hopes of getting into the 2010 Games by way of reasoning with the committee.

The group of female jumpers, who tried to sue VANOC for inclusion in the Vancouver Olympics, attempted to pitch their case to IOC president Jacques Rogge once more after learning female boxing will be included in the 2012 Summer Games.

Until recently, ski jumping and boxing were the only two Olympic sports without a women’s component.

But in his reply, Rogge said he stood by the decision to keep women’s ski jumping out of 2010, which he reiterated was based on technical merit and not gender.

“I admire your passion for your sport and your ability as athletes,” Rogge wrote. “However, we confirm our decision that women’s ski jumping will not be part of the Olympic program in February, 2010.”

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