Apple Inc. said it will hold a press conference Friday to discuss the latest iPhone model, which has been beset by complaints about its antenna.

On Monday, Consumer Reports said careful testing has confirmed user reports that holding the phone over a particular spot drastically reduces the signal strength it receives.

Apple hasn’t commented on Consumer Reports’ finding yet.

The phone went on sale three weeks ago in the U.S. — it’s not yet available in Canada — and outsold previous iPhone launches in its first three days, with 1.7 million units sold.

Complaints about the signal strength soon followed.

Apple acknowledged that holding the phone in a certain way impeded the wireless signal somewhat, but said this happens with many other phones.

It said the real reason for the apparent big drop in signal strength was that it has been using an incorrect formula to convert signal strength into the bars displayed on the phone’s screen.

Consumer Reports said it tested other phones, and said none of them had significant loss of signal strength when held.

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