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 A new iPhone update for the iPhone 8 is causing the iPhone screen to break after the update is loaded to the device.  The issue affects anyone who has had their iPhone 8 screen repaired using an aftermarket part.

Apple released iOS 11.3 at the end of March and according to several users, the update is reportedly killing the functionality in iPhone 8 devices that have been repaired using third-party displays. According to Motherboard, some users claim the iPhone 8 screen becomes unresponsive to touch.

This means if you recently broke your iPhone 8 screen had it repaired by a company other than Apple, your iPhone may not work with the iOS 11.3 update. Having your iPhone screen repaired by third-party companies can be a lot cheaper than having it repaired by Apple, but that repair may not be worth it if you’re using non-Apple certified parts.

Motherboard notes, a similar issue happened last October with the iPhone 7. Phones that were repaired using aftermarket parts faced similar issues when it was time to update the device’s operating system. Apple later fixed the issues with the next software update.


Apple’s latest software issue is causing companies to refuse to fix the iPhone 8.

"We don't even do the 8 repairs this year, on purpose," iPhone repair shop owner Michael Oberdick said to Motherboard. "I had a really good feeling that something like this was going to happen again,” referring to the previous issue from last year. 

iPhone screen damage caused by iOS 11.3 update for iPhone 8 devices

Oberdick told Motherboard he believes the issue is caused by a small microchip in third-party screens that seems to be incompatible with the iOS 11.3 update. Oberdick notes that once the iPhone 8 screen was replaced, it worked fine. However, when the phone was updated to iOS 11.3 it killed the screen’s functionality.

iphone screen, iOS 11.3 update iPhone 8

While it is unclear whether this issue was done intentionally by Apple to force customers to only have their devices repaired through Apple, or if the next iPhone software update will correct the software issue, it’s incredibly frustrating for users who had their iPhone screen repaired by a third-party company only to have their phone break after updating the operating system.


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