Although Larry O’Brien’s supporters had hoped for a victory party, he announced last night they’d have to settle for an Irish wake.

“Ottawa’s in good hands with Jim Watson,” he said.

Regardless, supporters showered him with cheers in a happy farewell.

“I want to commit to all of you that this has gone past being a political campaign. This is now friends, a friendship I hope will last for eternity,” said O’Brien to the crowd.

Many of those friends greeted him with hugs and handshakes as he walked off the stage.

“I’m just feeling proud that he fought a very nice campaign,” said supporter Tony Mariani. “I think there’s a lot of respect between the two.”

As he addressed the city, O’Brien thanked them for his 2006 victory and opportunity to be mayor.

“Thank you Ottawa,” he said, “(for) the most exciting four years of my life.”