What’s the best way to meet new couples or to raise team morale? Give everyone food of course.

But even better than that, get them to cook it themselves.

That’s the philosophy behind Keyano College’s Iron Chef for Couples or Teambuilding courses.

“I started doing Iron Chef Teambuilding events for corporate people and they were a big hit because it’s a really nice team-building event that doesn’t involve sitting in a classroom,” said Nelda Schulte, a workforce development co-ordinator at Keyano College. “It’s really a lot of fun. You actually break into teams, you all wear crazy costumes, and you have too many recipes to cook in too short a period of time. So you’re working against the clock and you’re kind of competing against each other but it’s a friendly competition because at the very end of it, you get to eat everything of course.”

Keyano provides a chef and a facilitator; you provide the fun and enthusiasm. And whether you’re Gordon Ramsay or a complete kitchen nightmare, there’s always a job for you.

Keyano has been running the Iron Chef for Couples course for the past three years and Schulte said it’s quite popular.

The Continuing Education Iron Chef runs during the Keyano calendar year. Register by calling 780-792-2688 or 780-715-3903.

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