While Calgary’s current murder rate is considerably lower than it was at this time last year, a top city homicide cop said it might be an anomaly.

Thus far, there have been 11 homicides in 2010 compared to 21 that had happened by this time in 2009, according to Calgary police.

Staff Sgt. Rick Tuza of the homicide unit said there is no one explanation for the lowered rate.

“I think it’s one of those crystal ball questions as to why the rate is lower,” said Tuza. “There’s a whole bunch of initiatives the Calgary Police Service has taken on in the last few years ... some of them include gang violence.”

Tuza said in 2009, 19 per cent of Calgary’s homicides were gang-related, while so far this year only nine per cent have been attributed to gangs.

Although Tuza said the CPS is working to suppress gang activity, this year’s stats are irregular.

“If we can stay at 11, we’re at less than half since 2009,” said Tuza.

“That’s a huge drop and to me that’s an anomaly.”