Sometimes things are just creepy. They aren’t exactly scary, but they just don’t feel right — store mannequins with faces that look a little bit too real, or that person next to you on the subway who either has a Bluetooth hidden somewhere or is having conversations with invisible people.

With his first book, Creepiosity: A Hilarious Guide to the Unintentionally Creepy, TV writer and producer David Bickel provides the final word on all things creepy.

“I first got the idea for the concept when I was a little kid,” he says. “My mother had one of those Styrofoam wig heads, and it always creeped me out.”


From grown men who wear Boy Scout uniforms to squirrels that look at you for a bit too long, Bickel is an expert in all things creepy and hilarious. Plus, the Facebook page and website for Creepiosity have tons of fan submissions.

“Everybody has things that they see as creepy,” Bickel reasons. “Now, it’s OK to say it out loud.”

The one creepiosity he couldn’t include was Michael Jackson, who died while Bickel was putting the book together.

“I’ve met him,” Bickel says. “I had an hour-and-a-half meeting with him once, and it was magical, fascinating. You’re sitting there with Michael Jackson, it’s crazy. He’s got a piece of Scotch tape to hold his nose on — it was everything you wanted it to be. But there’s no denying — maybe the creepiest person of all time.”

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