Maybe it’s got something to do with the number 7?

Apple is investigating a video posted by an Arizona customer that shows her iPhone 7 Plus smoldering and its case melting, Mashable reported.

Tuscon resident Brianna Olivas, 18, posted the video of her rose gold iPhone as it “blew up” while she “was not even using it” on Twitter earlier this week.

A few minutes later, she posted photos of the deformed phone after it stopped smoking.

Olivas told Mashable that the day before the phone melted she took it to Sprint because it wouldn’t turn on. After employees ran tests, the phone began working again.

Apple now has possession of the phone, Olivas said, and is running tests to find out what happened.

A company rep told Mashable that they “are in touch with the customer and looking into” the video.

The incident is similar to what was happening with Samsung’s Galaxy Note7, which has since been recalled after the device would explode into flames.

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